Should Dogs in the Work Place?

Personally I work from home with me i have Harley a border collie lab mix and Lily a Siberian husky with me. I spend all day working around and hanging out with my dogs. In my opinion I enjoy having my friends with me while I am working. We are able to check on each other and to be honest who doesn’t want to spend their break at work playing with their best friends. A block quote is shown below of  article on Entrepreneur.

Pets improve teamwork, job satisfaction and employee

 In an experiment carried out by Central Michigan University researcher Christopher Honts and his team, test subjects were divided into groups that had a dog around them throughout a group task and those that did not. The groups which had a dog during their tasks showed significantly higher mutual trust, team bonding and intimacy than those that worked without one.

Improving teams by a simple addition of having dogs in the work place. Studies have also shown that dogs in the work place reduces stress levels of dog owners but also of non dog owners who often interact with the dogs along their work day. Below is a blurb from an article on The Humane Society shows how non dog-owning employees can benefit from dogs in the workplace.

“The people who don’t have dogs, for whatever reason, they love being able to come over and pet him and hold him a little while,” Schrader says. “They get their ‘dog fix,’ as they call it, which is beneficial to everybody. If I have a bad day, I just pick him up and relax for a little bit. It’s kind of like doing a yoga class. It’s very relaxing.”

For me it is easy, I love having dogs in the workplace. I get to be around my best friends while at work for me it helps with productivity and overall work place happiness and attitude. What do you think, should dogs be allowed in the work place? Would you be for or against? Let me know in the comments section below and share. Thanks for reading.

Photo By Kazisdaman Via WikiMedia

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