Work Hour Scheduling

What time should you work? Should work shifts be continuous? If you could choose your ideal work schedule what would it be. Personally my sleep habits are difficult to say the least and combine in other responsibilities besides work and scheduling working hours can be difficult. I benefit from having the ability to maintain flexible … Continue reading Work Hour Scheduling

Book Review: One Minute Manager

Recently I read the book, The one minute manager by Kenneth H. Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. Off the top I would say that I enjoyed the book. The book is a short read but packs a powerful punch. This book has useful tip for managing employees. The book is based on three principles all which are supposed to … Continue reading Book Review: One Minute Manager

Sleep When I’m Dead, Work Comes First?

The saying is you can sleep when you are dead. All too often it can be easy to fall into the trap of putting personal sacrifice aside to meet a deadline, or work on a crucial project. Often you might find yourself feeling guilty about sleeping when you could be working. While it might be … Continue reading Sleep When I’m Dead, Work Comes First?

Learning from Mistakes

Starting a business is a long journey with highs and lows. There are an abundance of articles about common mistakes made and how to avoid them. While these will help avoid these common mistakes understand that when not if mistakes happen you need to know how to manage mistakes. What works for me personally is … Continue reading Learning from Mistakes

Trust in Business

Trust is one of those things in life that takes time to build and can be shattered instantaneously. Once lost trust is extremely difficult to rebuild. Trust in business is no different than trusting relationships in personal life. Trust between employees is crucial to a healthy work environment. Imagine how much work would get done … Continue reading Trust in Business

Mixing Family and Business

We have all heard the common adage, "Don't mix family and business." Is this always the case? It is possible to mix family and business but this is a possibility unstable situation. Throughout life we have all done deals with family some have worked and others have gone up in a ball of flames. When … Continue reading Mixing Family and Business

The Need For Work Place Amenities

In a conversation with my mom about amenities and benefits that matter to us personally. Now for me personally my first consideration is the drinks situation at work. For me I mainly drink water and or tea with some fresh lemon. My biggest request is there needs to be ice and lots of it. Interestingly … Continue reading The Need For Work Place Amenities

Distractions at Work

As I stated in my last article, I run my recycling company out of my house.  While at home there are an abundance of distractions that you may fall into. In today's social world some may be distracted by social platforms such as Facebook, twitter and other platforms. An article from Forbes about how to … Continue reading Distractions at Work

Pros and Cons of Working from Home

Working from home is a dream for some and dreaded by others. Just like everything else working from home comes with its benefits and with draw backs. I currently work from home and can say this is true from experience. For me personally I enjoy working from home, the benefits are numerous but there are … Continue reading Pros and Cons of Working from Home

Communication in the Work Place

  How you communicate differs on setting, context, relationship, but in the work place how should you communicate effectively with your employees. I have been in work places that communication is so formal that it makes employees seem stuck up. While on the other end of the spectrum I've been work place environments where communication … Continue reading Communication in the Work Place