The Purpose of Entrepreneurship


What is an entrepreneurship? Who are entrepreneurs? What do entrepreneurs do? What is the purpose of an entrepreneur? Above is the definition of an entrepreneur, a person who organizes and operates a business.

Let’s look at defining fair trade. Trade is when 2 people come together to exchange. In today’s society, we trade money for goods and services. Fair trade can be defined as mutually beneficial exchange where both parties leave satisfied.

More often than not, people focus on the final reward of money that they lose sight of the real purpose of entrepreneurship. On Under30CEO there is an article about the purpose of entrepreneurship in which it is said, “Money is the reward (product) NOT the goal (purpose) of entrepreneurship!” Next check out this blog post by Tito Philips, Jnr. where he has listed 21 different entrepreneurs ideas on the purpose of entrepreneurship.

For me entrepreneurship starts with a need. The purpose of a successful company is to fulfill the needs of the customer. By fulfilling customer needs you will providing a benefit to society which is more meaningful than the money received. The money received result of the trade but is not the reason for trade.

My personal purpose as an entrepreneur is to provide solutions to better society.

     Discovering your personal purpose statement as an entrepreneur is the first step on a lifelong journey as an entrepreneur. Staying true to your purpose and values is critical for lifelong prosperity.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. Tell me what you think.


Image By Ozzy Delaney via Flickr


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