Women in Engineering

In the engineering profession the overwhelming majority are males while females are severely underrepresented.  According at an article on ASME says, "Although the number of female engineers today has greatly improved since the early 1980's, when only 5.8% of engineers in the U.S. were women, it’s still surprisingly low. Currently, only 14% of engineers are … Continue reading Women in Engineering

What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is well known although often misunderstood. If you were to look for more information about a person nowadays we would run a google search. We want to develop our online platforms so that when people search you they find your personal brand. in the social digital world consists of social media platforms. In … Continue reading What is Personal Branding?

What is the Service-Profit Chain?

Currently I am pursuing a master’s in business administration at the University of Nevada, Reno. Last semester I took a class in which I was introduced to the idea of the service-profit chain, shown below. The service-profit chain is broken down into two parts, the blue shaded area represents the company internals, to the right of the … Continue reading What is the Service-Profit Chain?

Our Responsibility as Entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs, we have the power to decide the internal set up the company as well as the morals and values of the community of employees. Our company will impact community surrounding them, these being your employees, your customers, and the environment. How we decide to set the foundation of our companies matters. We have … Continue reading Our Responsibility as Entrepreneurs