Book Review: One Minute Manager

Recently I read the book, The one minute manager by Kenneth H. Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. Off the top I would say that I enjoyed the book. The book is a short read but packs a powerful punch. This book has useful tip for managing employees. The book is based on three principles all which are supposed to take about a minute to go through.

The first secret is one minute goal setting. Where goal setting to guide the employee to know how to effectively do their job. Goal setting should be guided by the manager but not instilled in by the manager. Work with the employee to develop these goals.

The second secret is one minute praise. Praise is intended to be instant and when the employee is doing the right thing. Just as with training dogs you guide and reward progress and grow upon that progress.

The third secret is one minute reprimand. This is when an employee has made a mistake the reprimand is supposed to be centered around positive and meant to redirect behavior.

While I enjoyed reading this good and believe it has valuable information in my opinion some managers will not profit from reading this book. To be able to implement one minute management you need to empower your employees to take action upon themselves and some managers can make that happen.

Have you read this book? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below and sharing to others. Lets get the dicussion started. Thanks for reading.

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