Learning from Mistakes

Starting a business is a long journey with highs and lows. There are an abundance of articles about common mistakes made and how to avoid them. While these will help avoid these common mistakes understand that when not if mistakes happen you need to know how to manage mistakes. What works for me personally is to understand that every mishap and set back are learning experiences.

Learning from your mistakes is so powerful. Understanding what actions or in-actions lead to the incident then learning from this. Implement rules to handle the situation and follow them from then on. Accepting that mistakes will happen along the journey will benefit you mentally as you build your company.

Accept that you are not perfect. No matter how much you plan and think of every contingency sometimes things may be overlooked or often the case overthinking the work. While we strive for perfection we understand that striving for perfection is the best we can do.

What do you think about mistakes in business and the workplace? In Life for that matter? What tips do you have about mistakes? Let us know in the comments below and by sharing to others. Thanks for reading.



Photo By Alan Levine Via Flickr

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