Trust in Business

Trust is one of those things in life that takes time to build and can be shattered instantaneously. Once lost trust is extremely difficult to rebuild. Trust in business is no different than trusting relationships in personal life. Trust between employees is crucial to a healthy work environment. Imagine how much work would get done if everyone was suspicious of each other and apprehensive to deal with co-workers that are deemed untrustworthy, this slows work flow and completely stops cooperation.

An article by Forbes is titled, “The Most Valuable Business Commodity: Trust.” That is a powerful statement to make about trust. The article has this to say about relationships, “To succeed as a business, you must assess the quality of relationships across your organization—from leaders to employees, employees to leaders, employees to employees, and employees to customers.”

Fortune has a wonderful article titled, “Trust is the most powerful currency in business.” The most valuable quotes from the article, “Trust and ethical behavior go hand in hand. Ethics comprise the foundation of your character,” and, “Leaders have a responsibility to educate their teams about a firm’s ethical code, to discuss and document institutional values, and to provide examples of honorable reactions to difficult situations.”

Trust is only one component of relationships which is built after repeatedly showing consistent values and strong character. Strong healthy relationships both in the work place and with customers start with strong leadership setting the example for the company to follow. Set the example be the change and strive for strong relationships.

How do you feel about trust? Is it necessary or a luxury? What can you do to increase trust in the work place? How do your company help build employee relationships? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment. Share to others lets get a discussion going. Thanks for reading.

Photo By Terry Johnston Via. Flickr

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