The Need For Work Place Amenities

In a conversation with my mom about amenities and benefits that matter to us personally. Now for me personally my first consideration is the drinks situation at work. For me I mainly drink water and or tea with some fresh lemon. My biggest request is there needs to be ice and lots of it. Interestingly both my mother and I ranked an ice machine as top work place amenities.

In an article on Forbes they say, “Today, time is more valuable than money,” Claire Tompkins, says, “So although a financial bonus is great, perks that save people time, like shuttle services, daycare and on-site dry cleaning, are actually worth more in terms of quality of life.” The focus is to take pressure and stress off the worker by helping with non work related matters.

Another good article from T3Advisors explains the importance of Planning Out Your Employee Survey, it’s important to take time to properly phrase your questions. When surveying employees to find the best amenities to offer that your employees care about. Consider your work place. What amenities do they offer? What are some amenities that you would like to see in your work place?

Your company may offer many possible amenities but which do your employees prefer. Something to think about. Let me know what you think by commenting below and sharing to others. Lets get this conversation started.

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