Distractions at Work

As I stated in my last article, I run my recycling company out of my house.  While at home there are an abundance of distractions that you may fall into. In today’s social world some may be distracted by social platforms such as Facebook, twitter and other platforms.

An article from Forbes about how to manage and minimize workplace distractions has these as the main ways to control work place distractions. Personally number five is the hardest but most effective ways to steer distractions. Although number one might be the most useful for me. When I do get distracted while working at home I decide to take a second and walk around check on my dogs and what they are up to some times giving them a belly rub for a minute then getting back to work. This technique for me is effective to minimize the disruption.

1. Plan For It 2. Take Control 3. Don’t Initiate 4. Hide 5. Just Say No

Effective communication is imperative to family members/roommates, such communication is necessary to convey that interruptions while you are on the clock working should be kept to a minimum. Interruptions from others, is my biggest distractions at while working from home. While most of these interruptions are unavoidable you should create a plan for dealing with these distractions.

What are you biggest work place distractions? How do you manage your distractions? Let me know in the comment section below and feel free to share. Thanks for reading.

Photo By Emily boston Via Wikimedia

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