Communication in the Work Place

How you communicate differs on setting, context, relationship, but in the work place how should you communicate effectively with your employees. I have been in work places that communication is so formal that it makes employees seem stuck up. While on the other end of the spectrum I’ve been work place environments where communication is nothing short of cursing and shit talking. Regardless of communication style I have seen and experienced both good and bad from each.

An article from HR Zone tells us this about informal communication, “Informal communication in the workplace is communication that takes place outside the formal, communication structures of the workplace. Some people refer to informal communication as the ‘grapevine.’”

The NWI Timesreports, “Usually, informal work relationships create a bond between workers that help teams become more cohesive. Frequently, workers enjoy the time they spend at the office more because of informal relationships and the informal communication that results.”

In my opinion like everything moderation is best and this stands true for informal communication. I would like my work place environments to be informal enough that you can get to know your coworkers and be able to banter back and forth. To the point, be professional but be authentic, show who you are more than just an employee.

What would you prefer a more rigid formal structure or more lacks informal setting in the work place? What style is currently at your work place? Do you feel this can be improved? Let me know what you think in the comments below and as always share. Thanks for reading.

Photo By 3dman_eu Via Pixabay

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