Should music be allowed in the workplace?

All my life I heard music. It wasn’t until I met a good friend of mine that I started to understand music. A song is more than just words and notes. A song is an experience a journey. You may remember the first time you heard the song or even reminisce on old memories. Music makes you feel, it can make you think, music can heal and sooth but can also inspire us, fuel us. Understand how powerful a song can be. Can we use music to our advantage? Should music be allowed in the work place?

An article from Helping Scout, “Music makes repetitive tasks more enjoyable and in a noisy workplace, music is an escape.” These are two situations where music is beneficial in the workplace. An article from CBS News provides three benefits but the most interesting is quoted below.

Background music improves your mood and enhances perception while working. As reported in WebWorkerDaily, that’s the conclusion of a study at the University of WIndsor in Canada, which tested the effect of music on software developers. People in this study generated the lowest quality of work — and took the longest to complete — without any music at all. And interestingly, they noted increased curiosity when exposed to background music as well.

While the benefit of music in the workplace are apparent there are considerations to be made about workplace music rules. From a start a company should have installed guidelines about music regulation. Such as music volume and content matter. One persons favorite song may offend others. The type of work and work place setting make hard and fast rules difficult.

What recommendations do you have for music in the workplace? Do you listen to music while at work? Does your workplace have music policies? Let me know what you think by commenting below. Also feel free to share to others. Thanks for reading.



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